How to use Bee
How to use Bee

Step 1 – Find your nearest Bee outlet to pay the desired amount of cash and get your Bee Card. You can find Bee in Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Cafes, Kiosks and even in the juice shop just down the street! To find out the exact location of the nearest Bee outlet in your neighborhood, call 16233, 24/7.

Step 2 – Get Bee Card for the same amount you paid in cash. You can have Bee Card for any amount you desire.

Step 3 – Select the product or service you need in one of the e-shops that accept payment through Bee (see the list of all e-shops here). Also you can pay for all services available through Bee. Once you have a Bee Card with sufficient amount, go back to Bee webpage or e-Shop to make an online payment and complete your purchase. Get confirmation that your payment is accepted.

Use your Bee Card serial number/pin code to pay for goods/services at any e-shops that accept Bee Card (see the list of e-shops here) or Use for any services.

 *If you have a Bee Card with the amount of LE 100 and the cost for the services or goods you desire to purchase id for example LE 50, no worries, you’ll get your change. Your change will be issued as a new Bee Card, with a new pin code, which you can print out, send to your email address, via SMS, or just simply write down from the screen.

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