Bee Card
Bee Card

Bee Card…the ultimate online payment solution payment with no need to have a bank account, disclose your credit card information or long registration process.

You can issue Bee Card with any amount from EGP 5 to 5000 from any Bee outlet and use it in paying for a multitude of services and goods from online websites.

How to Use Bee Card?

  • altSimply pay the desired amount of cash at your nearest Bee outlet.
  • altYour Bee Card for the exact paid amount
  • altUse your Bee Card serial number/pin code to pay for goods/services at any e-shops that accept Bee Card
  • (See the list of e-shops accepting Bee Card here)

Manage Bee Card

Split your Bee Card to share with your friends, by sending Bee Card pins as gifts, or merge several to get desired amount.

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