About Bee
About Bee

TBE for Payment Solutions and Services S.A.E. working under brand name “Bee” has now launched in Egypt. It will be acting as the Middle East hub for Technobiz Equipment PTL LTD - the multinational payment solution provider that has successful business recognition in Asia and Europe.

Bee specializes in providing fast, easy and reliable Payment Solutions for a multitude of services. We offer the public the ability to pay various Service Providers anywhere, anytime in a simple process that takes only a few seconds!

Bee offers you a unique ‘one-window, one-stop’ means to pay different services of mobile operators, internet providers and others. To do this we use the “Cash Collector” global platform, as developed by the highly experienced, creative and professional R&D Team at Technobiz Equipment.

Our edge comes from our singular, global experience in the Payment Solutions industry. This experience allows us to address specific payment problems and to offer tailored and convenient solutions to any Service Provider at any scale of business. We are proud to share our confidence in our work with clients including 16 Mobile Operators, 15 Internet Service Providers and 7 banks, who trust us and our platform to help them serve 60 million active subscribers globally.


Our Mission

"We are Bees serving one queen…The Customer".This philosophy guides us in the provision of enduring Payment Solutions to the community. We deploy innovative technologies, flexibility and integrity in combining diversified services into a universal platform. Through a nationwide presence and dedicated team members who believe in and apply the Bee philosophy we guarantee sustainable and profitable growth.
responsibility through increasing employment opportunities and added value to community by maximizing the total nation productivity and saving the individual’s time.

Our Vision

We build payment solutions that will become our customers’ preferred choice. Our product benefits from the latest advances in global payment infrastructure development and yet is designed in an innovative way. We create value for our customers, partners, affiliates and community by tailoring our service to their specific requirements and through a deep, solid organizational foundation and first class business ethics.

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